Our People

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Lewis Reining

Content Director

Lewis is a producer and content director for WTJU and co-founder of TEEJ. His primary responsibility is overseeing and assisting producers with taking a new idea and turning it into a sustainable podcast. While he doesn't host a podcast of his own, he dreams of starting a radio drama, a callback to the '50s but with modern technology and sensibilities.

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Sibet Partee


Sibet Partee, the president and co-founder of TEEJ, starts most of her anecdotes with “I was listening to this podcast, and…” She is the creator and host of the podcasts, Come on, Bet!, Love Blinds, and an upcoming contemporary radio drama to be released this summer. Her favorite thing, second to podcasts, is Boots, the British pharmacy and cosmetics store whose motto is "let's feel good." She hopes to fill your ears with tantalizing tales.

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Nathan Moore

Executive Producer

Nathan Moore builds platforms for other people to use -- mostly media platforms, but sometimes literal platforms. He is the general manager at WTJU Radio at UVA. In 2013, he launched UVA's student-run station WXTJ, WTJU's low power FM sister station where he serves as staff adviser. He is a co-founder of TEEJ.


Mia Venkat

Your Token Brown

I'm a fourth year at UVA and the self-proclaimed petty person of all my friend groups. Blessing the world with a podcast because I think it's so sad that there are people that can never hear my jokes just because they don't know me. You are welcome. 



Independent Study

Sarah graduated from UVA in 2017 where she majored in Anthropology and Philosophy, and minored in Studio Art. While at UVA, Sarah created and hosted the Independent Study podcast. She is now a law student at the University of Richmond School of Law but continues to work on Independent Study as a producer. 

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Rachel Gaffin


Rachel Gaffin has gone by many names in her life, except her middle name, Pauline. As a 5’11” woman, she is often asked if she plays basketball or volleyball (she doesn’t). She loves Prince, using chopsticks to pretend that she is a drummer, and life itself (in that order). WikiFreaks is her first attempt at podcasting, and so far it has only confirmed that while learning new things is fun, hearing one’s own voice never will be.

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Sydney Geyer


Sydney Geyer, once described as a real-life version of every character Judy Greer has ever played, is a narcoleptic. She has a deep and abiding love for crossword puzzles, season four of The Office, and trivia about the American presidency, and an equally deep and abiding fear of outer space. She makes a mean breakfast, was once shushed by Meg Ryan, and hopes that WikiFreaks will prove a socially appropriate outlet for discussion about serial killers.

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Zealand Shannon

No Huddle Podcast

Zealand is a professional play-by-play announcer from Tampa, Florida, raised the son of a Vanderbilt grad and grandson of a college football player at Northwestern. He is a Media Studies and History double major at the University of Virginia -- thus covering all of his college sporting allegiances. It has been said that he can watch four college football games at once, but some say it's just a legend.

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JenÉe Libby


Jenée Libby is a writer of food, fiction, travel, and essay. A struggling photographer, a frustrated novelist, and a lover of diner ephemera. She’s obsessed with vintage cookbooks and sells them in her Etsy shop, edacious (cook)booksellers. She’s written for C-Ville Weekly, the 2015 Virginia Travel Guide,  UNITE Virginia magazine, and has been a regular contributor and “Drink This!” columnist for Our Local Commons. Picture by Sarah Cramer Shields of Our Local Commons.


Anthony Pellingra

No Huddle Podcast

Anthony is a lifelong football fan from Tampa, Florida. While he was raised by two graduates of the University of Florida, he currently attends Vanderbilt University, where he is a double major in History and Political Science. When he’s not watching football, you can usually catch him fishing.


Kristen Hemrich

Arts On Grounds

Kirsten Hemrich studies studio art and poetry at the University of Virginia. On Saturdays, she is a DJ for UVA's student radio, WXTJ. She also books music acts and house shows for the college station. 

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Chase Browning

Arts on Grounds

Chase is a producer for Arts on Grounds and an early-evening DJ for WXTJ. This fall he produced a mini-series, On my Honor, which focuses on the UVA honor system - this spring he will be producing a mini-series on the Greek system and masculinity at UVA.

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Peter Jones

Track by Track

Peter Jones is the WTJU Folk and World Director. He hosts Folk & Beyond (Thursday afternoon from 4-7), and Tell Us A Tale (Sunday, 12-2 pm). Peter also oversees live music at the station, including as producer of Lambeth Live, our all-genre live concert series (Friday, 8-9 pm).  He also produces the Track By Track section of our podcast.

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Lona Manik

Arts On Grounds

Lona Manik is a co-producer for Arts on Grounds and is a third year student. As a musician who is deeply in love with the Charlottesville music scene, she loves to explore the intersections of sound with image, language, and identity.  

Mady McLennan

The White Coat

Welcome to Mady's podcast show The White Coat! She is so happy you could join her to hear about different health care professions and get a better idea of what they do. As a premed student, she found it challenging to explore all of the different health care professions. She started this podcast to help her do just that and she hopes it will help you discover more about the health care field as well! 


Brendan Wolfe

Not Even Past

Brendan Wolfe is the managing editor of Encyclopedia Virginia, a project of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. An Iowa native and graduate of the University of Iowa, he is the author of Finding Bix: The Life and Afterlife of a Jazz Legend, about the early jazz musician Bix Beiderbecke. His writing has appeared in The Morning News, the Colorado Review, and VQR. He lives in Charlottesville.

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Miranda Bennett

Not Even Past

Miranda Bennett is the Editorial Production Assistant of Encyclopedia Virginia, a project of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. She's also a radio producer telling food and business stories about her native Virginia.


Shari Barbour

All Those Notes

Shari holds a Master of Music degree from James Madison University and has served on the faculties of several colleges and universities in Virginia. She enjoyed performing as a chamber musician, soloist, Scottish/Irish band, and in the pit.

Shifting careers, Shari studied radio and television technology and became an award-winning, popular on-air personality and producer for Public Radio stations in the Mid-West, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast regions of the U.S. She has often been called upon to serve as narrator with local orchestras

Known for her friendly, smiling voice, creativity and wit combined with her education, training and experience, Shari is currently applying her skills and talent in the studio as a voice over artist, narrator, writer, and producer.